PS5 games revealed: The full list of confirmed PlayStation 5 games, launch titles and exclusives

Here’s the confirmed list of PS5 games so far, ahead of the big State Of Play event which should reveal some more!

by Daryl Baxter

Rumour has it that and upcoming State Of Play live stream from Sony will soon reveal a slate of PlayStation 5 games, the first wave of titles that will launch alongside the PS5 when the console hits this coming winter.

With remakes and remasters abounding this generation, hopes have been on Sony to bring back certain franchises to celebrate 25 years of PlayStation history, for the launch of the PlayStation 5.


But as it stands, we’ve only received official news of its controller, the ‘DualSense’. But recent game announcements from publishers and rival platforms have quietly confirmed a few games that are indeed coming to the new Sony console.

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So with that, here’s a sobering guide to help you discover just what games are coming to the PlayStation 5 so far…

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Holiday 2020

Ubisoft’s latest entry in the series, where you can control a Viking and sail the seas. From the trailer that debuted at Inside Xbox event, it does seem to give off a Breath of the Wild mixed with Sea of Thieves vibe.

Battlefield 6


Announced by EA in their financial conference call, there are no rumours as yet to what the game will entail, just a hope that it possibly goes back to an era that they previously visited, which is Vietnam. But another hope is that they will be re-releasing a ‘deluxe’ version of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for both next-gen consoles in the meantime. We have hope.

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Not a game where you sing the chorus to the hits of the Spice Girls, but a game from Deep Silver that was announced at the Inside Xbox event. It gave off very Mass Effect vibes, with alien structures and RPG elements it seemed, so it will be interesting to see what becomes of the game next year.

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Fortnite is getting a new lick of paint on next-gen consoles.

Cygni: All Guns Blazing


Being developed by KeelWorks, this was announced just a few weeks ago, where it gives off those classic Ikaruga and Fantavision vibes. A top-down arcade shooter, this looks to be a lot of fun, with incredible visuals to boot.

Destiny 2

We all know about Bungie’s Destiny 2. It’s an MMORPGFPS, if that’s a genre, and since its release in 2018, several improvements and expansions have made it a fantastic purchase, especially during these lockdown times.

Dirt 5

October 2020

Another one announced during Inside Xbox, the new entry by Codemasters looks to amplify competitive racing once again, but with flare and rally-driving aplenty. It even gave off some Split Second vibes, which is a game that does deserve a comeback, but we digress.

Dying Light 2


Being developed by Techland, its the sequel to the original entry from 2016, which brought high praise for its gameplay, but criticism for its story elements. This sequel looks to learn from this, with a very-focused narrative, alongside being able to allow the player to use certain ‘parkour’ skills, and a grappling hook.



We all know Fortnite. The battle-royale game comes out at launch, with the Unreal Engine 5 graphical upgrade coming next year.

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Guess what this is the logo for.


Holiday 2020

Developed by Gearbox, it’s a PS5 exclusive that’s described as a ‘looter-slasher’, with different characters to play as and many worlds, or ‘realms’ to explore. There’s not much more details than what the trailer provided, but it looks to be a fun-game to use the DualSense with when it launches at the end of the year.

Gods and Monsters

Holiday 2020

Being developed by Ubisoft, it’s a storybook adventure that embarks on you controlling a forgotten hero, to save the Greek Gods from extinction. It looks to be a third-person adventure, so this could be a great game to tide you over until the next God of War game arrives.

Gothic Remake


After THQ releasing a playable concept of what a remake of the 2001 original could play like, they subsequently confirmed that a remake was in production, due to the high-acclaim the demo received. It’s a single-player RPG where you must slay wild animals and monsters to earn skill points to build up your character, so you can easily slay the enemy-orcs throughout the game.

Gran Turismo 7


The successor to 2017’s Gran Turismo Sport, Polyphony Digital’s racing series has been on PlayStation ever since its first entry in 1997. Rumours have been flying ever since the PS5 was officially announced, and sources have been stating that it was meant to be unveiled at the June 4th event, but due to the understandable delay, we will be waiting with baited breath.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum


Not much to gleam from the trailer, but as the title and teaser-trailer suggests, you will be controlling Gollum through the world of Mordor. Expect sneaky gameplay and an alternate point of view on the story.

Madden NFL 21

Holiday 2020

FOOTBALL! The next in the long-line of Madden games, this was confirmed by EA to be coming to next-gen consoles only a fortnight ago, so if you’re mad about American Football, you won’t go far wrong with this.



Being developed by Warsaw-developer Glob Games Studio, it seems like its influence is from Honey I Shrunk the Kids, where you control the worlds smallest man, who tries to find a way to revert to his normal size. What more could you want from a game?

Nth^0 Infinity Reborn

February 2021

An RPG that is being developed by UK developer KITATUS, it recently unveiled a sneak-peak at the game, which looks to have a horror vibe with zombies and animals looking to overtake the environment.

Quantum Error

Holiday 2020

A first person shooter being developed by TeamKill Media, it looks to be influenced by Halo and DOOM Eternal, while offering some great amount of enemies to be on-screen at one time. To be playing this in 4K looks to be a tantalising thought.


Holiday 2020

This is a remaster of the game developed by Bloober Team back in 2017. Featuring 4K graphics with more story content, this cyberpunk thriller looks to show a whole new audience just how good this game was, and still is.

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Will Outriders be the first multiplayer smash-hit of the next generation?


Holiday 2020

This is a new game by People Can Fly, set in a science-fiction universe where you can drop in and out as you like, where it gives a third-person viewpoint so you can point and shoot at all the enemies.

Rainbow Six Siege

Launch 2020

Announced by Ubisoft to be available at launch for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it will also allow for crossplay between both consoles, so you can play it at a nice 60 frames per second in 4K.

Scarlet: Nexus

Holiday 2020

A hack-and-slash-RPG entry developed by BANDAI NAMCO was confirmed a fortnight back, where you play as ‘Yuito Sumeragi’, a recruit to the OSF (Other Suppression Force) where you battle against the ‘Others’.

No, this isn’t a game that’s based on the tv-show LOST, but it looks like a fun time where the 4K graphics will really make this game pop on your television.

The Sims 5

Holiday 2020

Thanks to our sister site at RealSport 101, it looks as though the next entry in making your own Eastenders-soap looks to be announced at EA Play on June 11th, seemingly featuring online multiplayer and 4K graphics to properly create your own Frank Butcher and Phil Mitchell in the Sims world.

Watch Dogs Legion… better or worse than actual London?

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2

Holiday 2020

Being developed by MasterCode, you are placed into the wide-world of fishing, where you will need to use all your skills from the SEGA Bass Fishing years to try and hook a fish in delightful 4K.

Vampire: Bloodlines 2

Holiday 2020

A game that has been on many players’ wish lists for some time, it’s the sequel to a game released back in 2004, and ever since then, developer Troika Games has been wanting to develop a successor to it. This year it was made a reality, with the sequel being confirmed for PS5. A trailer was shown at the Inside Xbox event, having a Christmas theme and very creepy humans being strung up like puppets. So get ready for the Christmas-joy when it releases later this year.

Watch Dogs: Legion


The only game here that has been delayed, with no release date set in stone as yet, the third game in the Watch Dogs franchise has you be in an alternative-London, with it now a surveillance-state.

You can control multiple characters across this free-roaming world, and you can also recruit other characters to help with your missions, whether that’s a hacker, someone who likes to throw a punch, or who likes to sneak around. There’s also cooperative play, but no confirmation as yet if crossplay will play a part here.

There you have it, a confirmed list for now; some for launch, some for 2021. A few are inevitably due to be announced very soon, especially with rumours that more details on the console will be announced very soon.

But at least for the present day, you can see just what you may be playing for the PlayStation 5.

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Daryl Baxter