Nintendo Switch Pro upgrades: performance, battery life and more could improve Breath Of The Wild 2

We've waxed lyrical about a few potential features of a Nintendo Switch Pro, like whether it will have an SSD, or if it needs 4k graphics.

The thing is though, new features are all good and well, but how would they actually affect gameplay? Look at a game like Breath Of The Wild; it's not like it really needs to look any better, but there is a sequel on the way.

So, what kind of benefits can an upgraded Switch model provide for Breath Of The Wild 2? Well, there are a couple of things that would be affected, so let's break it down.

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Nintendo Switch Pro performance

Right then, let's say the Nintendo Switch Pro has increased processing power as well as an SSD.

That boosts the performance of the console, but how does that translate into an actual game.

What things would be changed once you give the Switch a big boost, maybe something to rival the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

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Well, Breath Of The Wild had a few framerate issues. Logically, with more power, there would be no issues there, and the frame rate could even be potentially increased.

It's not just that either, the world of Breath Of The Wild 2 could have more physics-based interactions, which changes the way you can interact with the world and improves options available to the player.

Due for an upgrade?
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Due for an upgrade?

Nintendo Switch Pro graphics

There are two ways in which graphics could improve on the Nintendo Switch Pro.

The important thing to remember is that there are two modes to consider, both docked and undocked, which means there are two separate things that could be boosted.

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So, as it stands the Switch has a resolution of 720p when undocked, and 1080p when docked.

The reason being that the battery life would be non-existent if you boosted the output.

So, if you have more power, you could conceivably have the handheld mode running at 1080p, and the docked mode running at 4k (making Breath Of The Wild 2 look even better).

What will the next Switch improve upon?
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What will the next Switch improve upon?

Nintendo Switch Pro battery life

With all of this great power comes great (responsibility) drawbacks.

The issue that these boosts would bring would be the battery life, better performance means a larger drain on the battery life, so you'd also need a boost there.

It's not inconceivable either, as Nintendo has already shown that they're more than able to boost the battery life with the more recent Nintendo Switch revision.

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It's definitely not outside of the realms of possibility that they boost it a bit more for a Nintendo Switch Pro, allowing those on-the-go sessions with Breath Of The Wild 2 to last a bit longer.

All of these additions and changes would make for a next-gen Nintendo Switch. Whether or not we see that anytime soon is anyone's guess, but it would make sense given the next-gen of Sony and Microsoft coming at the end of the year.

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