PS5 controller leak: video, design details, Reddit info and more

The PS5 controller has been officially revealed, so there isn't much need for a PS5 controller leak right now. But if you're wondering whether there is some unofficial info that you need to know about, you've come to the right place!

From an official standpoint, we already know that the PS5 controller is called the DualSense, and it will have some fancy features like adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone array. Other design details that you don't need a PS5 controller leak to know about include haptic feedback and brand new Create button!

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But what about from an unofficial standpoint? Are there some juicy PS5 controller leaks out there in the ether that you need to know about?

To find out about all the important PS5 controller leak information, read on...

PS5 controller leak details

One interesting PS5 controller leak suggests that the DualSense controller might not be the only peripheral that comes with your PS5.

A patent from Sony that circulated around the web seems to suggest that the PS5 could also come with a PS5 robot companion that will talk to the player, sense your feelings and react accordingly.

If this patent comes to fruition and Sony does package a robot toy of some sort with the PS5, it's interesting to ponder how this product will interact with the DualSense controller.

Perhaps you will talk to the robot using the built-in microphone array on the controller, for instance. Or maybe the robot will be able to pick up your controller and show you how to use it! Anything is possible at this stage, though, so we'll just keep speculating on this until the next PS5 controller leak happens!

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PS5 controller leak video

Although there hasn't been a PS5 controller video shared through official channels, fans have taken matters into their own hands!

Even though nobody outside of the gaming industry has got their hands on a PS5 controller just yet, YouTubers have taken up the challenge of creating videos about the controller nonetheless. It's hard to tell what is real and what is pure fan fiction at this stage.

For example, take this PS5 controller leak video below, which doesn't seem to match up to Sony's actual design, but still looks very cool...

PS5 controller leak: Reddit

For now, it looks like Sony isn't planning on putting a video screen on the DualSense controller as that video suggests. But we'll definitely watch this space and wait to find out if any alternate versions of the PS5 controller get revealed.

In the meantime, we'll keep our ears to the ground in search of PS5 controller leaks and any other interesting info about the DualSense. As ever, Reddit is a good place to check for all the latest rumours.

Your best bet at seeing a PS5 controller leak before anyone else would be to hop over to r/PS5 on Reddit and see what's popping off!

For more info about the PS5 controller, be sure to follow Stealth Optional's dedicated PS5 controller hub!

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