PS5 time management tool will tell you how long a level should take, and remind you of TV schedules

We’ve all heard of patents in some way, whether that’s on Dragons Den or in news articles that could hint towards future products of certain companies, and today a PS5 patent seems to hint at Sony's plans for supporting gamers.

But with technology, there’s a patent almost every month; imagining how features could work for tablets, controllers, and games.

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With the coming launches of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, there’s still a lot of hopes as to what both consoles will bring, both at the hardware and OS level.

But recently, a patent from Sony recently rose from the depths of rumour-ville, potentially guiding us all on just how to use our time effectively when gaming. Read on to learn more.

Sony patents a time-management tool

This patent was submitted in November 2018, so even though it shows a PS4 console in the images, it may be intended for a future console like the PS5.

The patent explains a feature that will show players how long it could take to complete certain sections of a game.

It can tell you how long various things should take, such as levels, races, and getting from point A to point B. It will also keep an eye on what else you've got planned for the day.

For instance, if you have somewhere to be or a favourite show of yours is about to be broadcast, Masterchef for example, a prompt can appear on your console, letting you know that completing the level you’re currently on will run over into the Masterchef broadcast, suggesting that you might want to resume the game after the show is finished.

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What could this mean for our playing habits?

It slightly steps into the AI world of Siri and Alexa, where it can advise as to how best you can use your time throughout the day.

It could certainly help for work-breaks when working from home; if this feature knew of your schedule for your day-job, you could set it so that it would know when you’d go on your break, ready to go into a few rounds of Warzone. Then eventually, it would let you know to stop, that the break has ended.

All in all, it is a patent, and most are submitted just to protect someone’s interests for a future product, and so this may never come to fruition. But it’s a good idea in time management for a game, especially when we’re in a world where we’re constantly doing something, and there’s always a chance that we may forget some other commitment.

But then again, it is a very-scheduled way of playing games, almost draining some of the fun out of playing one, making it too monotonous and office-like.

But for a concept, it is intriguing, and it may help your Masterchef schedule in between playing Warzone and Streets Of Rage... that is, of course, if Sony follows through on this patent and makes it a feature for PS5.

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