God Of War PS5 update: Comparison test reveals incredible upgrades

God of War is widely regarded as one of the best games of the PlayStation 4 era. Sony Santa Monica took what was a franchise in decline and turned it into a best-selling, award-winning game, with fans clamouring for its sequel.

Aside from its well-tuned combat, God of War looked stunning, especially for a game running on a 2013 piece of hardware. With 2020 bringing us the PlayStation 5, fans were excited to test out God of War - now free via the PS Plus Collection - on the next-gen console.

While the base PS4 version saw some small upgrades simply from being on the PS5, it was not until early February when God of War received a more impressive upgrade via the 1.35 patch. Here's what it looks like...

VIDEO: God of War PS4 vs PS5 comparison

The YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits has released a video showing of the differences between the PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5 versions of God of War.

One of the major differences shown off in the comparison regards loading times. Thanks to the PS5's SSD, God of War loaded in just 22s, compared to 45.86s and 48.96 on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, respectively.

God of War has also seen quite the graphical upgrade. Not only can the PS5 version utilise a solid 4K checkerboarded resolution, but its textures now look better than ever, especially on Kratos' Leviathan Axe.

Alongside these improvements, God of War is able to run at a stable 60FPS during gameplay - a huge boost compared to the base PS4's 30FPS.

You can watch the full comparison here:

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What's next for God of War?

It's unlikely that Sony Santa Monica will devote future time and resources to 2018's God of War, with God of War: Ragnarokcurrently slated for release later in 2021.

We still know very little about what this sequel entails, with its reveal in September only showing a cryptic logo and telling players that 'Ragnarok is coming'.

It's still unknown whether God of War: Ragnarok will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, or if it will also launch on the PlayStation 4 like Spider-Man: Miles Moralesand the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West. However, based on the comparison video above, we're certain it will play best on the PS5.

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