*Updated* Xbox VR support may have leaked from Wireless Headset setup

The Xbox Series X/S consoles may receive Virtual Reality support in the future, following a reference to VR found when installing the Xbox Wireless Headset.

This was first reported by IGN Italy. When they plugged the Wireless Headset into the console, they were greeted by a message that said: "Il visore VR deve essere aggiornato."

When translated into English, this means: "The VR headset needs to be updated."

Could Microsoft be implementing VR support for its next-gen consoles? Maybe. Here's what we know.


Microsoft confirmed today that the message found in the set-up process for the Xbox Wireless Headset was was nothing more than a localisation bug.

It also added that, "VR for console is not a focus for us at this time.” Squashing any hopes that fans had for an Xbox Series S and X VR headset.

The update came from Kotaku Editor-in Chief, Stephen Totilo, over on his Twitter page.

Xbox VR support coming soon?

While the message makes a clear reference to VR, there is still a chance this is a mistake. Given the Xbox does not currently support VR, it is unlikely this message was meant to appear, especially when using the new Wireless Headset.

Indeed, it could be that the reference to a VR headset is a mistake, with the headset in question being the Wireless Headset. However, we're not so sure why the phrase 'VR' would be used not just once, but three times in the message seen by IGN Italy.

If this is a hint at future VR support, there's currently no knowing how soon Microsoft could implement VR in its consoles. With the pressing issue of stock shortages still affecting the Xbox Series X, it's likely this is the main priority for now.

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Is the console war about to spill into VR?

A new headset or Mixed Reality?

If Microsoft does add VR support to its consoles, it is unclear as to what devices the Xbox could utilise for VR gaming.

While the most consumer friendly option would be to implement support for the Oculus and HTC VR headsets, the more likely choice will be to collection of Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

The Windows Mixed Reality headset has seen some use in gaming already, offering support for the likes of SUPERHOT VR, I Expect You To Die and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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