New HTC Vive VR headset coming in 2021, but not to compete with Oculus Quest 2

HTC is set to launch a new VR headset in 2021. The headset will be a standalone, all-in-one Vive headset, but will not be rival to the Oculus Quest 2, according to the President of Vive in China, Alvin Wang Graylin.

In an interview with TeliportMe (as reported by UploadVR), Graylin said: "I think we've said in the past that we will release a new AIO [all-in-one] this year."

Graylin also commented: "I don't think I would position it as a Quest competitor. I think it's our next-generation standalone."

This interview, released last month, comes as HTC Vive recently teased the reveal of a new product via its Twitter account.

A new HTC Vive Focus?

With the announcement of an all-in-one VR headset, it appears that HTC may launch another wireless VR headset, following the launch of its Vive Focus in 2018.

Given the reference to a "next-generation" VR headset, the upcoming product could be the latest product in the Vive Focus range, perhaps even a Vive Focus 2.

HTC Vive's recent Tweet captioned "It's your move" gives us very little to go off regarding the upcoming headset, if it is related to Graylin's comments.

Not a Quest competitor

Given the popularity of the Oculus Quest 2, it may seem fairly dubious for Graylin to dismiss comparisons to Facebook's wireless VR headset.

However, upon closer analysis, the rejection of the Quest 2 as a 'competitor' could make sense. The two headsets may be similar in terms of basic features, but HTC may not be targeting to $299/$399 price point of the Oculus Quest 2.

With the HTC Vive Focus and Vive Focus Plus costing $599 and $799, respectively, the upcoming headset could be set at a similar price.

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