The Apple Vision Pro will only have 150 apps at launch

the apple vision pro only has 150 apps at launch
Credit: Apple

The Apple Vision Pro hasn’t won over a ton of app developers, as reports have revealed that only 150 apps have been designed for this VR headset. While more apps could be made in the future, things aren’t looking too great for its launch, lacking plenty of the expected services.

According to TechCrunch, the 150+ apps made for Apple’s VR headset is a pittance compared to the 1.8 million apps available on iPhones and iPads. Despite the popularity of Apple, it seems that developers just aren’t interested in redesigning their apps for a potentially niche audience.

It doesn’t help that the Apple Vision Pro hasn’t shipped to a ton of developers, making them unfamiliar with the technology and how to adjust their apps to the headset. Not helping is the insane price for Apple’s VR machine, as this accessory will cost a whopping $3499.99.

Despite being made by Apple, major apps like YouTube have refused to make versions exclusive to the VR headset. Although VR users will still be able to watch YouTube, they have to do so via the Safari browser, rather than a convenient app.

While the lack of apps might disappoint many, there are still plenty of curious tech fans who are willing to give this headset a shot. Over 180,000 pre-orders were made for the Apple Vision Pro, even though it’s a niche product. The mix of Apple still being huge and VR gaming being a unique alternative is probably why this accessory has managed to sell decently.

Sadly, due to the tech giant’s popularity, there are already scalpers ordering this piece of tech and selling it for ridiculous prices. Keep in mind that this headset already costs $3499.99, so the fact that scalpers are selling them for even worse prices is insane. Then again, this is a scalper’s tactic, as they managed to corner the PlayStation 5 market for almost a year.

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The Apple Vision Pro is coming to stores on February 2, 2024.

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