Starfield is definitely not getting delayed again, says Bethesda

starfield not getting delayed again
Credit: Bethesda

starfield not getting delayed again
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield is just a month away but fans are worried about a potential delay since the space sim hasn’t “gone gold” yet. Pete Hines, the head of publishing in Bethesda, has assured fans that there won’t be another delay for this Xbox exclusive.

All this drama comes from a fan tweet that wanted to know the upcoming game’s pre-load date and going gold date. Hines replied by telling the fan that he’s working with an “amazing team” and that there’s nothing to worry about.

“Take a deep breath. I have an amazing team. We know what we’re doing,” Hines said on Twitter.

In case fans of Starfield are unaware, “gone gold” is the term developers use when the title they're working on is finished and pressed to disk. While there will still be bug fixes made, “going gold” means that the title has been completed and is playable.

Normally, the “gone gold” term is a good thing, but fans have been lied to before. As the fan tweet point out, CD Projekt Red said Cyberpunk 2077 went gold but the open-world title wasn’t ready at all. Hilariously, the RPG was delayed not too long after “going gold” and even when Cyberpunk came out, it was far from ready.

To be fair, Starfield has been delayed a few times, which is probably why Xbox fans are paranoid. Apparently, Bethesda had finished the title a while back but Microsoft wanted changes made to ensure a good experience. Considering Bethesda’s track record of releasing buggy titles, this was a good call overall.

With all that being said, the majority of fans are still excited to get the Bethesda RPG in their hands. Some of them are even planning to skip work or time with family just so they can explore space for a while. Xbox also has high hopes for the IP, telling investors the release can lead to more consoles being sold and an increase in Game Pass subscribers.

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Starfield is coming to Xbox Series systems and PC on September 6.

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