Starfield fans are worried about the game's performance due to Bethesda's past

starfield fans are worried about the games performance due to bethesda past

starfield fans are worried about the games performance due to bethesda past

Starfield is the biggest Xbox Series exclusive to date and Bethesda’s first major release since Fallout 4. However, fans are worried about how the game might perform at launch, as previous Bethesda titles have had rocky beginnings.

On the game’s subreddit, a fan started counting down to the RPG’s launch but others weren’t as enthusiastic. Many of them pointed out how Bethesda releases are notorious for not performing well at launch, suffering from framerate issues, crashes, and countless bugs.

“Fingers crossed it'll actually run smoothly on day one,” says ZuphChud.

“Only reason I’m not buying until it comes out,” chimed in Webbeth. “There are going to be a lot of p*ssed off people if it runs like sh*t, but they’ll only have themselves to blame.”

Games like Fallout 76 and Redfall have fans worried about the release of Starfield. While those were developed by third-party studios, they were still published by Bethesda. They’re still responsible for releasing games that weren’t ready for the public to play.

Despite some of the negativity, some fans are still planning to buy the sci-fi RPG at launch. Bethesda might not have the best reputation for day one releases but fans are confident the bugs won’t ruin the game. Expectations have also been met since the game will be running at 30 FPS.

Bethesda and Microsoft are aware of these criticisms, which is why the game has been delayed multiple times. In fact, the game was delayed after its initial completion, as Microsoft wanted the release to be as polished as possible.

It’s also worth noting that Fallout 76 has improved since launch, with fans claiming it’s a more than playable experience thanks to numerous patches. The more tolerable Bethesda releases like Fallout 4 also improved post-launch, so fans are confident things will eventually get better.

No matter the performance or bugs, fans are just excited to get their hands on the game and start roleplaying. Whether they’re Zapp Brannigan from Futurama or Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, the possibilities are endless.

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Starfield is coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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