Starfield is a paradise for Star Wars modders

starfield is a paradise for star wars modders
Credit: kboykboy (Nexus Mods)/Bethesda

starfield is a paradise for star wars modders
Credit: kboykboy (Nexus Mods)/Bethesda

Starfield is quickly becoming a paradise for Star Wars modders, as fans have been modding in references from the galaxy far, far away. Considering the popularity of Star Wars, this is far from surprising and we’re sure fans continue adding references to the franchise for years - if not decades - to come.

The Galactic Civil War Conversion mod in Nexus Mods is pretty ambitious, as it attempts to replace the UC Police with stormtroopers. However, the mod is still in an experimental phase and only those in UC Police armor are turned into stormtroopers.

As if replacing a ton of NPCs wasn’t impressive enough, shipbuilder Jackygold was able to make the Imperial Destroyer. It was a near-impossible task for the fan, as they had to make a 21-page Google doc so other players could make their own Imperial Destroyer.

Stormtroopers modded into Starfield.
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Credit: kboykboy (Nexus Mods)

Unsurprisingly, starships are a major part of the fan-making content in Starfield, due to how much detail is in this mode. We previously brought attention to the chunkier version of the X-Wing but one fan was able to mod in the Millenium Falcon.

The Imperial Destroyer created in Starfield
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Credit: jackygold (Reddit)

Considering how Starfield only came out last week, this is an impressive amount of mods made for the RPG. Then again, this is a Bethesda RPG and fans always end up modding these due to how huge they are. Bethesda even encourages fans to mod their game and will make them official sometime next year.

Of course, fans aren’t just making Star Wars content in the Bethesda RPG. Some of them have actually made genuine improvements to the title, including a much better UI. There are still some needed improvements to be made and fans aren’t just going to wait for updates.

It seems that fans are bidding their time in Starfield until Star Wars: Outlaws comes out. That will be the very first open-world Star Wars game, complete with explorable planets. Despite being made by open-world factory Ubisoft, the devs have promised that this game won’t take too much of your time.

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Starfield is available now on Xbox Series and PC.

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