Starfield shipmakers’ best creations yet channel Star Wars, Halo, and more

starfield shipmakers best creations halo star wars
Credit: SP7R (Reddit)

starfield shipmakers best creations halo star wars
Credit: SP7R (Reddit)

Starfield is now available to the masses and players can now freely explore the stars to do whatever they want. However, before going to space, fans all over are taking their time to make some of their favorite spaceships from various sci-fi media.

The amount of options available in Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG is staggering, so it’s no surprise to see fans go crazy with what they’ve been given. We previously brought up how players decided to make Marvel’s Venom and Joe Swanson from Family Guy but they were the tip of the iceberg.

For now, here’s what we think are the five best fan-made Starfield ships thus far. Obviously, more ships will come as the game’s popularity rises but there are already some great ones right now.

X-Wing Inspired by MotoGSX

A fan-made version of the X-Wing in Starfield.
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Credit: MotoGSX

MotoGSX made a chunky version of the X-Wing from Star Wars and it’s a great-looking ship. Sure, it doesn’t look like a one-to-one version of the ship but its mix of familiarity and chunkiness makes this vehicle adorable.

A few fans in the comments said it looks more akin to some of the vehicles from older Star Wars games. Either way, this is a ship that fans are going to have a good time looking at, let alone using in combat.

What can we say? Chonky boys for the win.

Bebop by Vithrasir

The Bebop from Cowboy Bebop recreated in Starfield.
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Credit: Vithrasir

Cowboy Bebop remains an excellent sci-fi anime and this version from Starfield fan Vithrasir is as close to the source material as it can get. The ship looks quick enough for travel and evading lasers, while also being bulky enough to “carry that weight,” as you will.

The Bebop has been recreated several times already but this has to be one of, if not, the best one we’ve seen thus far. All we need is a custom Spike Spiegel avatar and a good close combat system but that’s asking for too much.

Is Starfield the closest we’ll get to a Cowboy Bebop game? Hard to say, but this is a great effort.

Serenity by SP7R

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The Serenity from Firefly faithfully recreated in Starfield.
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Credit: SP7R

Firefly continues to be one of the most underrated sci-fi shows ever made and this recreation of the Serenity by SP7R makes us miss it. We may never get a proper Firefly game in the near future but fans can always role-play as Malcolm Reynolds if they want to.

Seeing the ship look so much like its TV counterpart shows just how detailed this mode is in Starfield. The fact that players can travel with a companion or two and go on random adventures almost makes this a perfect Firefly game.

UNSC Pelican by StayHoodEz

Halo's Pelican recreated faithfully in Starfield.
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Credit: StayHoodEz

We’re sure most Halo fans are playing Starfield since both games are Xbox exclusive. User StayHoodEZ has made the best version of the Pelican in this RPG thus far and we’re sure Halo fans will eat it up.

Considering some of the limitations that come with this spaceship creator, the fact that this ship looks a lot like the Pelican is a testament to this player’s creativity. Granted, the ship still looks more accurate in an actual Halo game but getting that Master Chief green is pretty cool.

CRAB by covfefepoops

A giant crab in Starfield.
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Credit: covfefepoops

It’s a giant crab in space. Do we really need to say anything else? This effort from covfefepoops is a 10/10. There’s nothing better than a CRAB IN SPACE!

These are some of the best spaceships we’ve seen in Starfield thus far. Once again, more creative ships will come as players get used to the creator and try making their dream ship. That’s not even taking mods into account, which can change everything.

Starfield is now available on Xbox Series and PC.

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