Starfield HUD mod fixes Bethesda's clunky user interface

starfield hud mod fixes bethesdas clunky user interface
Credit: Bethesda

starfield hud mod fixes bethesdas clunky user interface
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield has a couple of small issues that prevent it from being perfect, with many fans complaining about its clunky user interface (UI). Thankfully, a new fan-made mod has arrived to make things better for players, with some saying it's an essential download for the RPG.

Called the BetterHUD, this is available on Nexus mods and adds a number of small fixes that make the UI more bearable. Location names and XP pop-ups can now be moved to the bottom of the screen, letting players concentrate on exploration or combat.

Players can even go as far as to remove the XP pop-ups entirely if they want a more hardcore experience. These improvements also make their way towards enemies, as players can also remove their lifebars for some realism.

If Starfield players want to go even farther, they can even remove the aiming crosshairs completely. While this makes shooting some enemies harder, we’re sure there are some fans who would prefer it that way.

Starfield gameplay with the old HUD.
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Credit: Bethesda
Starfield with the base HUD.
The BetterHUD mod in action in Starfield.
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Credit: Nexus mods
Starfield with the BetterHUD mod

Obviously, this is all optional and that’s all thanks to this mod. Being able to filter through all of this makes the first-person RPG feel more convenient. More options is always a good thing and we’re sure other mods will continue doing that.

Bethesda previously stated that they would be very supportive of fan mods, especially after seeing fans go crazy with them in Skyrim. It will be interesting to see if Thomas the Tank Engine will make an appearance in the sci-fi RPG soon via these creations.

Even with these mods, Starfield will always have a couple of issues that might annoy fans. Since this is a Bethesda release, there are quite a few bugs but the company has owned them due to their ambitions. Most players would agree, as the amount of freedom present to the player is unprecedented.

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Starfield is now available on Xbox Series and PC for Early Access buyers, while everyone else can get the game on September 6.

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