Star Wars: KOTOR remake isn’t dead yet, despite dev issues

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Star Wars: KOTOR remake isn’t dead yet, despite dev issues

The PlayStation exclusive Star Wars: KOTOR remake is still in active development, despite a number of worrying reports.

Published by Embracer Group, the much-hyped Knights of the Old Republic Remake for PS5 has been met with myriad issues. Originally helmed by the series’ remaster studio Aspyr Media, the game has already been pushed onto a different dev team.

However, recent reports claimed that the current version of the Star Wars Remake is still poor. Recent reports claimed that it wouldn’t be surprising if the game never gets released.

However, a recent Embracer Group financial report reveals that the Star Wars: KOTOR Remake is still in active development. While not outrightly discussed, the title was included in a list of titles in development under the publisher’s massive umbrella.

Other recent reports claimed that the original version of the KOTOR remake was criticised by Sony over its lack of cinematic flair. Aspyr Media’s original stab at the remake appears to be too similar to the original for the PlayStation manufacturers liking.

As such, the ongoing version of the Knights of the Old Republic remaster may be far different from the original. While recent remakes such as System Shock Remake have been praised for their perfect recreations of their original titles, the KOTOR revival may make sweeping changes.

In the recent earnings report, the KOTOR Remake does not have a speculative release date for PS5 or PC. With the series’ 20th anniversary in July, we may hear some more news about the remake, but it does seem to be years away from release.

The current version of the Star Wars game is in development at Saber Interactive. Known for its work on the Halo franchise, World War Z, The Evil Dead and more, Saber has been praised as a reliable development studio.

Saber Interactive is also working on a surprising number of other games, including the long-awaited Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2.

Currently, a remastered version of the original Knights of the Old Republic is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and PC.

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