Sony wants the Star Wars: KOTOR remake to be more “cinematic”

sony wants star wars kotor remake to be more cinematic
Credit: Aspyr Media

sony wants star wars kotor remake to be more cinematic
Credit: Aspyr Media

It seems that the troubled Star Wars: KOTOR remake is partially Sony’s fault, as the company reportedly wants this game to be more “cinematic.” While that sounds annoying, it does seem like a Sony complaint as their console exclusives tend to have a cinematic flair to them, for better or worse.

According to insider 100% Star Wars, Sony was disappointed in the remake not being cinematic enough, which led to some panic from then-developer Aspyr. Because of this, Aspyr fired their Design Director and Art Director, which came as a massive shock to the company’s employees.

Obviously, this news wasn’t great for the Star Wars: KOTOR remake, as it soon led to reports about the game not doing well in development. Even though Aspyr attempted to find replacements that could provide what Sony wanted, they were reportedly replaced by Saber Interactive.

While fans should take this with a grain of salt, the news is somewhat believable since Sony’s exclusives always try to be cinematic. From God of War: Ragnarok to Horizon Forbidden West and even the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, these games all feel like playable movies. It’s a shame that Sony might be limiting their exclusives like this, especially for a game like KOTOR.

Before all this drama started, fans were pretty excited for the Star Wars: KOTOR remake to come out. Even though we just got a cinematic trailer, the idea of this acclaimed RPG powered by the PlayStation 5 sounded like a great idea to many. Sadly, it looks like the RPG won’t be coming out for a while and that might be due to Sony’s need for “cinematic” gaming.

Not helping is the fact that we already have a cinematic Star Wars game in Jedi: Survivor, which has proven to be a hit. Granted, the game has some huge issues on PC, but the story and fun gameplay were enough to endure these bugs. Sometimes we can enjoy buggy games, especially if their base title is fun.

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Don’t expect to see the Star Wars: KOTOR remake soon, though we hope that news changes in the coming months or years.

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