Star Wars: KOTOR remake is ‘never coming out’, claims insider

star wars kotor remake is never coming out
Credit: Bioware

star wars kotor remake is never coming out
Credit: Bioware

Fans hoping to hear more about the Star Wars: KOTOR remake are in for some bad news, as the highly-anticipated RPG might be facing some development woes.

Notoriously accurate gaming insider Jeff Grubb revealed some thoughts about the Star Wars remake, telling fans he thinks this version of the game is “never coming out.”

Grubb was asked by fans if the KOTOR remake or Ubisoft’s long-delayed Prince of Persia remake would come first and he responded by saying "I don't think the KOTOR Remake will ever come out."

While sad, the news hasn’t exactly been shocking as the Star Wars: KOTOR remake has been through plenty of development hell already. Aspyr, the current publisher for Star Wars re-releases, was supposed to develop the game but reports claim that no one liked the build they made. Saber Interactive is reportedly working on the remake now but we haven’t heard anything official about that.

The Star Wars: KOTOR remake was originally revealed in a PlayStation Showcase, which immediately got plenty of hype. However, news on the RPG has been slim to none ever since, as no update for the game has since come out. Sadly, that seems to be the trend with Star Wars games recently, as many feel the same way about Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream.

At the least, fans do have the original game and its sequel to enjoy, which were released on Switch not too long ago. Funnily enough, there’s also some controversy with those remastered releases, as KOTOR 2 on Switch was supposed to get previously unreleased content. It’s been a year or so and no mention has been made of this lost content.

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Even if we never get the Star Wars: KOTOR remake, fans at least have great games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to enjoy. More re-releases from Aspyr also seem likely, which is always good for video game preservation.

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