Star Wars: KOTOR 2 DLC has quietly been canceled

star wars kotor 2 dlc has quietly been canceled
Credit: LucasFilm Games

star wars kotor 2 dlc has quietly been canceled
Credit: LucasFilm Games

Aspyr Media have appeared to have quietly canceled the Star Wars: KOTOR 2 DLC they promised to add when the port was originally announced for Switch. Fans were promised content that was cut from the original PC and Xbox release but it looks like that won’t be happening now.

On a Reddit thread discussing the DLC promised one year ago, user OpoChano revealed that Aspyr has removed all mention of the missing content. While the trailer from various outlets still have the DLC mentions, Aspyr’s channel has deleted all mention of it, which isn’t a good sign.

The company has yet to release an official statement regarding the Star Wars: KOTOR 2 DLC but it seems pretty conclusive that we aren’t getting it. Fans were pretty excited to try out some of the cut content and now it looks like they’re never getting the chance, which is a real shame.

It seems that things between Star Wars and Aspyr Media aren’t looking good, which may have resulted in the DLC’s cancelation. Aspyr Media were originally making a KOTOR remake for the PS5 but it was taken away from them for various reasons, like not being cinematic enough. We’ve heard that Saber Interactive are making the remake now but nothing official has been announced.

Not everything is bad, with reports claiming that Aspyr Media are also working on a remaster for Star Wars Episode 1: Racer. However, promising Star Wars: KOTOR 2 DLC and then quietly canceling it is pretty cruel to the consumer. While we admire the ambition to bring back cut content, not delivering on a promise just hurts more.

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Despite all these broken promises, the KOTOR ports are still worth playing if gamers are interested in them. Having them on Switch is pretty great since that means taking the RPGs with you wherever you go. Aspyr also sells ports for Republic Commando and The Force Unleashed, two great Star Wars games.

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