Star Trek: Picard reportedly getting three more seasons

According to a new report, Paramount Plus is planning at least three more seasons of Star Trek: Picard. The show’s second season is currently in production and is expected to release some time next year.  After a successful debut, it would appear Paramount is keen to keep the ball rolling.

Star Trek: Picard has been extended

The news arrives courtesy of a proven source close to Giant Freakin Robot, who leaked plans for the show. Interestingly, it was only a few weeks ago that rumours about the show potentially facing the axe were doing the rounds online

This is clearly not the case, as Paramount is reportedly keen to keep the show going for at least four seasons.There’s definitely going to be a limit on how long Paramount can keep the show running, considering Patrick Stewart is now 81.

The end of season one definitely left a lot of unanswered questions on the table, and a number of confirmed returns are setting up season two to be as exciting as the first. 

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Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers

Here’s your spoiler warning, as we are about to talk about the last season of Star Trek: Picard. Right, have you clicked away? Good. Picard’s first season ended up on the bombshell that Picard is no longer human. He is now living withing an identical shell that hosts the captain’s consciousness. It was certainly a bit of a weird one, but was well within the usual topics covered by The Next Generation. 

We also know that John de Lancie will return as Q in season two, along with Guinan and Seven of Nine. Q looks set to play a major part in the show, as a recent trailer implied there could be multiple timelines at play. Q is able to travel between timelines, so we could see Picard go to the future or back to the past.

There are rumours that season two could also introduce a son for Picard. This new character would be someone Picard was unaware of. Additionally, the new character will have to fit into the overall timeline of The Next Generation. In the novels, Picard has a child with Dr. Beverly Crusher whom he marries, but that isn’t canon.

Whatever season two holds, Star Trek: Picard could be around for a few years yet. 

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