Star Trek: Discovery cancellation is 'apparently' on the way

According to rumours started by two different leakers, the current run of Star Trek: Discovery could soon be over. Rumours should of course be taken with a very large pinch of salt, or even maybe a handful or two. 

The rumours arrive courtesy of Twitter user GeekAuthority and erm… Doomcock, who both report that CBS is planning to pull the plug on Star Trek. GeekAuthority also claims that executive producer Alex Kurtzman is on his way out.

According to the rumours, Star Trek: Discovery could not get a season five, which is pretty shocking considering the show is currently in its fourth season of production. If the network was so unsure of the show’s future, it likely would have cancelled the show already rather than carrying on production.

The rumours also suggest that CBS may cancel Star Trek: Lower Decks, Picard and the unreleased Star Trek: New Worlds, which is currently in development. CBS cancelling every one of its Star Trek shows seems fairly unlikely. 

Star Trek revival

Star Trek is currently going through a cultural revival, as CBS has invested in a number of shows around the series. Picard, which features the return of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, is the third-highest rated Star Trek show on Rotten Tomatoes. Star Trek: Discovery is the fourth, placing it ahead of the original Star Trek and Voyager. 

Unfortunately, ratings for both shows have been hit and miss, as Star Trek: Discovery managed to pull in an 0.2 rating and averaged 1.7 million viewers overall. In comparison, Star Trek: The Next Generation averaged a rating of 7.4 throughout its run. However, Discovery performed far better on streaming platforms. The show was the most popular streaming series on legal and illegal platforms through January and March of 2018 in the UK and US.

Anson Mount 

Star Trek actor Anson Mount, who plays Captain Pike, has already shot down the rumours. Responding to the initial tweet, Mount retweeted the initial claims with a gif of Star Trek character Pavel Chekov laughing. The likely indicates the validity of the claims, if you were wondering what the subtext of the tweet was. 

CBS has not yet commented on the rumour, but if Mount’s reaction is anything to go by, Discovery should be more than safe for the foreseeable future. 

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