Spider-Man: No Way Home press screenings won't show the entire movie

After months of waiting with a rabid-like fervour for Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans will finally get to experience the movie in just over two weeks. However, excited press who are viewing the movie before release will be watching the exact same film as fans.  

As it turns out, Marvel is playing its cards very close to its chest for the new Spidey flick. In fact, press are reportedly going to view a vastly different product as punishment for spoiling previous movies before release.

Spider-Man: No Way Home screenings are mere previews

Almost 100% of film screenings this close to a film’s release are the full feature-length movie, post-credits included. However, for Marvel's latest, the upcoming press screenings will not include anywhere near the full film.

According to renowned leaker BigScreenLeaks, the upcoming Spidey screening will be “only about 40 minutes” of the film. However, it's also been stated that this upcoming screening hasn't been labelled as being for review.

They said:

“I stand by the fact that the full movie won't be shown. I don't know EXACTLY how much will be shown but I've heard around 40 minutes.”

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Punishment for Eternals

BigScreenLeaks notes that this shorter preview is in response to the last Marvel release. After the release of Eternals, multiple outlets instantly spoiled the post-credits reveal before anyone could watch the movie. Additionally, Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s post-credits scene was leaked before release.

“This is being done to prevent *certain* spoilers from leaking out,” BigScreenLeaks said. “[However], This screening is not for review purposes but rather so they have enough context and understanding of the movie to do press junkets this weekend.”

A full press screening for Spider-Man: No Way Home is expected to happen on premiere date. This means that reviewers will be watching the movie at the same time as hard-core fans who have reserved a midnight showing.

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Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire rumours

Of course, with the reveal that press will only see a small chunk of No Way Home, many fans have started theorising. Many fans have started to believe that the reason press can only see part of the movie is because both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will show up.

On the other hand, these additional webheads aren't expected to turn up until the final act of No Way Home. If fan theories are right and the two Spideys turn up movie, No Way Home would be far different from what the trailer makes it out to be,

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