SEGA releases beautiful key art for upcoming game revivals

sega key art upcoming game revivals
Credit: SEGA

sega key art upcoming game revivals
Credit: SEGA

Retro fans were pleasantly surprised when SEGA announced revivals for their seemingly forgotten IPs, like Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi. While we still don’t know when these anticipated remakes will be coming out, new key art has been released, getting us even more excited.

During the company’s 2023 Management Meeting presentation, key art for Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe, Shinobi, and Streets of Rage: Revolution. It’s interesting to note that only the Streets of Rage has a subtitle, making us wonder if that’s the one that will be coming out first.

Other details surrounding the SEGA revival include Jet Set Radio being set in an open world, which does sound like a natural evolution of the series. Being able to skate around the world and do various side quests does sound like an ideal way to modernize this iconic Dreamcast property.

It seems that SEGA will reveal more details on these games when they can since all of these titles appear to be in very early development. While we did see some gameplay during The Game Awards, there are still no specifics on when they will come out and which system they will be releasing on.

Regardless, fans have been waiting for the company to make other games aside from Sonic, Persona, and Yakuza, so these new installments are very much appreciated. They’re still going to make games based on Sonic, Persona, and Yakuza since they sell a ton of copies, but seeing the company show their other IP some respect is grand.

Admittedly, we have seen SEGA lend their properties to other developers, with varied results. Streets of Rage 4 was an amazing return for that IP, with gorgeous visuals, great controls, and a ton of replayability. On the other hand, House of the Dead Remake and Panzer Dragoon Remake are passable entries that don’t innovate.

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Let’s hope SEGA reveals some of these new games soon since more classic IP revivals are a good thing in our book. Honestly, we’re just hoping for a Skies of Arcadia remake, though we’ll take a port of the old game if need be.

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