SEGA is hiring someone to keep track of Sonic’s bizarre lore for them

Sonic the Hedgehog is known for a lot of things but consistent continuity isn’t one of them, with recent games barely acknowledging previous events. It seems that SEGA is sick of that, as the company is now hiring an associate manager for lore specifically for the iconic hedgehog.

The job posting sounds like a joke, especially since anything regarding Sonic lore is usually made fun of by fans. Admittedly, this does hint at wider plans for the franchise, and might even lead to more coherent storylines featuring the character.

With Sonic Frontiers coming out soon, with writing from Sonic comic book writer Ian Flynn, this can be the start of something new. Despite being the butt of many jokes in the online community, there is a rabid fanbase that wants better for Sega’s mascot and this job can fulfill that need.

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On Twitter, an account called Tracker discovered a job listing for the aforementioned associate manager that will specialize in Sonic lore. Fans quickly made jokes about the things they would make canon if they start applying for the job, which is expected.

Interestingly enough, the job isn’t limited to Sonic video games, as animation and comics are also listed. That’s interesting since the Sonic Prime animated series is coming to Netflix next month, implying even bigger plans are in place for the mascot character. Comics-wise, Sonic has also been receiving a resurgence in that area thanks to IDW picking up the property and getting Ian Flynn to write the series.

Considering all the criticism games like Sonic Forces received for their stories, having a lore manager can mean better stories going forward. Hopefully, this is something that pays off in the end since Sonic fans really want to like the games this character appears in.

Sonic Frontiers comes out this week, on November 8, 2022, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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