Red Dead Redemption 60fps patch stealth launches on PS5

red dead redemption gets 60fps patch on ps5
Credit: Rockstar Games

red dead redemption gets 60fps patch on ps5
Credit: Rockstar Games

An update for the recent Red Dead Redemption port has quietly added a 60fps option for the PS4 version on PS5. While the feature has yet to be advertised by developer Rockstar Games, it makes the rather rudimentary port much more enticing.

Patch notes for the port (via Push Square) gave fans the usual ‘general fixes’ jargon, so it was genuinely shocking to see a 60fps option added. The only downside is that it’s only available on PS5, so fans with a PS4 and Nintendo Switch are out of luck.

Considering how many criticized this port for not having the 60fps option, it’s more surprising that Rockstar didn’t bother advertising this patch. If anything, this will get more people to pick up the title, especially now that the PS5 is more readily available.

Most fans expected Red Dead Redemption to stay in 30fps for the Nintendo Switch since that console is about as powerful as a PS3 and Xbox 360. However, the PS4 version is more powerful and probably could have handled 60 FPS. Rockstar could always add that patch in the future, especially since they surprised fans with this update.

Hopefully, the 60 FPS patch will lead to a PC version down the line, as that’s the only system that can’t play this open-world title, officially. Rockstar did say that it was up to the developers if they want to port this over to PC and this could be a step in the right direction.

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Fans can pick up Red Dead Redemption right now on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, via their digital storefronts. Physical copies of both games will be coming out on October 13. Xbox players can already enjoy Red Dead Redemption with 60fps via backward compatibility on Xbox Series consoles.

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