Meta Quest 3 copies the one reason you’d buy an Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro spatial videos being showcased with someone wearing a Meta Quest 3
Credit: Apple / Meta

Apple Vision Pro spatial videos being showcased with someone wearing a Meta Quest 3
Credit: Apple / Meta

There's very few reasons to spend an absurd $3,499 on the Apple Vision Pro, but one of the main ones is the ability to view spatial videos. However, Meta is reportedly taking this feature, and it'll only set you back roughly $500.

This isn't the only feature Meta is, let's say, borrowing. The Quest 3 is reportedly getting a travel mode like the Apple Vision Pro, and while the competition for best VR headset is getting pretty fierce, we imagine that most people will go for the Meta Quest 3 over the Apple Vision Pro.

One of Apple's biggest selling features for its premium headset, which has got 180,000 pre-orders already somehow, is being able to watch spatial videos. This allows you to watch videos, and move your head to see other parts in the floating app, one of the few Apple Vision Pro apps, mind you. However, you may be able to save money on buying the Vision Pro solely for that feature.

That's because Meta is apparently taking this feature for the Meta Quest 3. According to M1Astra on X, who also found the fake PianoVision copy on Apple Vision Pro, the Oculus app for iOS has added some new strings in a new beta version of the app.

The strings read:

  • "Immerse yourself in your favourite memories by uploading videos on the Meta Quest app."
  • "Enable spatial video in your camera settings. {link}"
  • "Upload spatial video" "Spatial video ready"

There's also a few other strings that could be related to this feature, but for now, it seems pretty likely that Meta is looking to add spatial videos to Quest 3, and potentially Quest 2 and Quest Pro. It's worth knowing that only the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max can record spatial videos, so you'll need to spend out to get the most expensive and latest iPhone models to use this feature.

However, you'd also need to spend money on an iPhone 15 Pro if you got an Apple Vision Pro, or potentially wait for the iPhone 16 series to use the feature across the line up. So, if you're struggling to choose between the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3, maybe this feature coming to Meta's headset will push you to buying the cheaper option.

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