Rumoured iPhone 16 capture button could be a game changer for photography

iPhone 15 with the new Action Button at the side and the lock screen on view
Credit: Apple

iPhone 15 with the new Action Button at the side and the lock screen on view
Credit: Apple

With the addition of the Action button to the recent iPhone 15, according to some recent rumours, Apple isn't done with adding buttons - in fact, the iPhone 16 could have a capture button, one that will make taking photos and videos even easier.

While the news is currently focused on the Apple Vision Pro's release date, with Apple hosting 25-minute long demos to sell you on the Vision Pro. But don't worry, as Apple isn't forgetting about the next line up of iPhones, and in fact, could be making it an even better upgrade option.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, which shared a report from The Information, added to the rumours of the iPhone 16 line up having a capture button, which apparently responds to both touch and pressure. For example, users can "zoom in and out by swiping left and right on it", as well as the fact that the capture button is a mechanical button. Thank the lord, if this is true.

Previous reports suggested that you would press the capture button to start recording a video, which isn't as impressive as the customisation of the Action button. However, the report from The Information suggests users can use the button for both photos and videos, with harder presses taking the shots, and shorter presses focusing the camera. This means you can pretty much do all of your photography without using the touchscreen.

Interestingly, the recent report also fuels the rumours that the new capture button will be available across the entire iPhone 16 line up, rather than being exclusive to the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max like the iPhone 15's Action button. However, similar older reports, like the one from MacRumors, state that the capture button is capacitive, meaning it would provide haptic feedback, instead of being mechanical.

However, the capture button would certainly make taking photos with your smartphone much easier, especially in those hectic moments where you need to take a picture of your non-stop-action kids or a family that can't stand still. And thankfully, it would be free to use unlike Samsung's Galaxy AI, which will be paid after a few years. So, that's a plus.

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