Meta is stealing Apple Vision Pro’s best feature for Quest 3

A side by side split image showing the Apple Vision Pro against the more fun Meta Quest 3

A side by side split image showing the Apple Vision Pro against the more fun Meta Quest 3

Meta is already working on stealing one of the most intriguing features of the Apple Vision Pro: Travel Mode.

While many can’t imagine wearing a bulky headset on an airplane, the wide FoV and built-in headphones found in the Apple Vision Pro specs and Meta Quest 3 actually makes it perfect for such a cramped environment.

Until proper AR glasses become mainstream, not like the XReal Airs, the current slew of mixed reality headsets are the best way to experience a full entertainment center in a small space.

When it releases on February 2, 2024, the Apple Vision Pro will have a Travel Mode that will stabilise its visuals on airplanes. At the time of writing, other mixed reality headsets have trouble keeping visuals stable when inside a moving vehicle.

In response to the Apple Vision Pro’s much improved airplane experience, Meta is already working on copying Apple’s experience for the Quest 3 mixed reality headset.

Responding to a recent Twitter post, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth revealed that the company is working on improving its travel functionality in the future.

“We use an IMU to keep objects localized relative to your headset motion so moving vehicles represent a challenge (when they accelerate in any direction),” they said. “We also use the cameras, of course, they work together as the IMU is higher frequency but lower accuracy. Working on it!”

With the headset’s expanded mixed reality features over its predecessor, the Meta Quest 3 offers a brilliant augmented reality experience for those who want it. With AR screen apps replicating real world lighting and even emulating 3DS games in your living room, the passthrough tech is remarkably useful.

Apple Vision Pro doesn’t appear to be gunning for the VR crown that Meta has, but instead a whole new form of entertainment. With 3D movies via Disney Plus, the headset is designed entirely for entertainment instead of heavy gaming. It could use a Netflix app, though.

The Apple Vision Pro finally releases on February 2, 2024.

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