The PS5 Pro may launch this year after last year’s useless slim update

A PS5 console with two buff arm emojis coming out of its sides

A PS5 console with two buff arm emojis coming out of its sides

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Sony is reportedly looking to release a PS5 Pro console later this year, bringing additional rendering power to the company’s latest console. The new console will release to combat the company’s drop in revenue as console adoption peaks.

A PlayStation 5 Pro console has been hinted at for years by industry insiders. As we reported previously, the console is said to have its own alternative to Nvidia’s DLSS image upscaling to give users enhanced resolutions compared to the base console.

Last year, Sony did release a new console, albeit the underwhelming PS5 Slim. This console is a barely cut-down version of the console with cheaper materials. The Slim model also introduced an external disc drive to its Digital Only SKU that needs to connect to the internet.

Via CNBC, multiple analysts have reported that the PS5 Pro is set to release in late 2024. The console is said to be released to capitalise on the upcoming hype cycle for Rockstar Games’ GTA 6, the first new GTA game since 2013’s GTA V.

Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based games consultancy Kantan Games said: “There seems to be a broad consensus in the game industry that Sony is indeed preparing a launch of a PS5 Pro in the second half of 2024.”

“And Sony will want to make sure to have a great piece of hardware ready when GTA VI hits in 2025, a launch that will be a shot in the arm for the entire gaming industry.”

Sony has already announced that the base PS5 is already nearing the end of its lifecycle. Already four years in, Sony is readying the stage to release the next-gen PS6. Before that, the company is likely hoping to continue the Pro console trend it started with the well-received PS4 Pro.

Sony is also reportedly working on a new PlayStation handheld, a PSVita successor, to compete with the Nintendo Switch. With the Nintendo Switch 2 on the horizon, Sony’s handheld will reportedly be a middle point between the PS4 and PS5, even allowing gamers to play their PS4 games on the go.

Sony has not confirmed the existence of a PlayStation 5 Pro, but some game publishers have suggested the console is unneeded in the current market. With the rapid expansion of power in the PC market, maybe it is an essential upgrade for some gamers.

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