PS5 Slim detachable disc drive refuses discs without internet registration

Ratchet reacting with disgust at the new PlayStation 5 Slim

Ratchet reacting with disgust at the new PlayStation 5 Slim

The new PS5 Sim detachable disc drive requires an internet connection to function. While the device only needs a single registration to work for the first time, it is completely useless if it can’t be registered at least once.

Hardware YouTuber Mystic experimented on the new detachable blu-ray drive for Sony’s PlayStation 5 Slim. As we previously reported, it was confirmed that the disc drive must be verified via the internet to work on the new console for the first time.

After that first online handshake, the PS5 Slim detachable disc drive can be used online or offline without worry, at least on the current PlayStation 5 software. Additionally, the disc drive add-on isn’t limited to just one console, and can be used on multiple PlayStation 5 Slim machines, although there is a catch.

For those with multiple PS5s, or those who buy the disc drive pre-owned, an internet connection is needed for each time you plug the device into a new console. Furthermore, if you perform a factory reset on your PlayStation console, you will need to register the disc drive with that console again.

Sony’s requirement of an internet registration for the new PS5 disc drive does mean that the peripheral is completely useless if it can’t be registered. If you don’t, or can’t, register the disc drive, it will refuse to accept a disc, making it unusable.

This means that, in the future, when PlayStation’s servers are not active for the PS5, the PS5 Slim detachable disc drive will be unable to registered. Although, if PlayStation wants to, they could fix this in an end-of-life console software update.

The new PS5 Slim is now available to purchase with slightly more storage than the base model. While the new PS5 Slim isn’t technically more powerful than the base model, the slimmer model does have a few differences from its 2020 base model.

The PS5 with a built-in disc drive costs $499.99 USD whereas the Digital Edition will cost a cut down $449.99. For the detachable disc drive, users will have to spend an additional $79.99.

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