PS5 Slim vs regular - size comparison and differences

PS5 Slim vs regular - An image of the two PS5 Slim models along with the controller

PS5 Slim vs regular - An image of the two PS5 Slim models along with the controller

Update: The PS5 Slim is here! We've listed where you can buy it below.

It's official: the PS5 Slim has been announced, complete with its release date and cost. Yet, as the excitement builds, potential buyers find themselves at a crossroads, torn between PS5 Slim vs regular.

If you're contemplating purchasing or gifting a PS5, understanding the nuances and distinctions between the Slim and regular models is really important. This ensures you make the most informed decision tailored to your or the recipient's needs.

In this guide, we delve deep into the size comparisons and highlight the key differences between the PS5 Slim and its regular counterpart, providing clarity for those on the fence about which version to invest in.

PS5 Slim vs regular - size comparison

PS5 Slim (with disc)
PS5 regular (with disc)
358 mm (14.09 inches)
390 mm (15.4 inches)
96 mm (3.77 inches)
104 mm (4.1 inches)
3.2 kg (7.05 lb)
4.5 kg (9.9 lb)

The PS5 Slim with a disc drive is 18% lighter than the regular model, weighing approximately 3.2 kg. Its dimensions are approximately 358mm in width, 96mm in height, and 216mm in depth.

Meanwhile, the discless PS5 Slim is 24% lighter than the original, weighing in at approximately 2.6 kg. This variant measures approximately 358mm in width, 80mm in height, and 216mm in depth.

Both new PS5 Slim models have a volume that's 30% smaller than their standard counterparts. This reduction is comparable to the size difference observed between the PS4 Slim and the regular PS4.

PS5 Slim vs regular - differences

PS5 Slim
PS5 regular
$499.99 (disc-equipped) | $449.99 (digital version)
$499.99 (disc-equipped) | $399.99 (digital version)
Disc add-on support

While the new PS5 Slim models retain the same specifications as the regular versions, they differ in storage capacity and price.

The PS5 Slim model with disc drive, is priced identically to its regular counterpart at $499.99. However, the PS5 Slim Digital Edition is priced at $449.99, a $50 increase from the $399.99 price of its regular counterpart.

In terms of storage, both PS5 Slim models boast an enhancement. While the regular models feature an 825GB SSD, the PS5 Slim editions expand this to a full 1TB, allowing for extra storage for your favourite games.

Another notable difference is that if you purchase the PS5 Slim Digital Edition, you can add the disc drive later to it as it will also be sold separately. The regular PS5 Digital Edition doesn't support this post-launch disc drive installation option.

That's it for our comparison of the PS5 Slim and regular!

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