PS5 Controller Easter Egg reveals hidden detail on the underside grip of the DualSense controller

An eagle-eyed PlayStation fan has noticed that the PS5 controller, known as the "DualSense", has a cool Easter egg on its underside. How's that for a surprise?

As spotted by @Shinobi602 on Twitter, the PS5 controller Easter Egg is this: the grip on the bottom of the controller, if you zoom in really close, is made up of tiny X, Circle, Square and Triangle shapes (harking back to those iconic PlayStation controller buttons).

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Keep reading to take a closer look at this sure-to-be-fan-pleasing feature of the PS5 controller...

PS5 Easter Egg image: X, Circle, Square and Triangle on the underside grip of the controller

If you zoom in really close to the underside of the PS5 controller, you can see those familiar shapes.

Take a look at this image right here, and bask in the glory of Circle, Square, X and Triangle - they're hiding in plain sight on the bottom of the controller!

PS5 controller easter egg reveals hidden detail on the underside grip of the DualSense controller did you spot the X Circle Square and Triangle symbols
click to enlarge
Take a closer look - those famous symbols are right there!

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PS5 controller Easter Egg video

Sony has also revealed an official PS5 controller video, so if you were hoping to see this Easter egg highlighted in a slick PS5 controller trailer - you're in luck!

You can watch Sony's PS5 controller reveal video below, and see if you can spot any other fan-pleasing details!

Will the PS5 controller and its Easter Egg come in black?

If you love this PS5 controller Easter egg, but aren't too sure about the white-and-black two-tone colour design, fear not!

A black PS5 controller is what a lot of people want to see... but is it actually going to happen? The answer to that question seems to be yes.

Long after revealing the mainly-white version, Sony released a video to tease a PS5 live-stream, giving fans their first look at a pure-black PS5 controller...

So, it seems like gamers will be able to enjoy this PS5 controller Easter egg in a variety of different PS5 controller colours!

As further secrets about the PS5 are revealed, we'll be sure to keep you updated. And we'll leave you with one fun fact: the PS5 could come with a robot companion!

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