Pokémon fans give up on Scarlet and Violet after broken post-launch content

pokemon fans give up on scarlet and violet

pokemon fans give up on scarlet and violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fans have given up on this pair of RPGs after the latest Tera Raid bugged out, giving them nothing. While this broken Tera Raid was addressed by The Pokémon Company, it was too late for some as they ended up wasting their efforts.

Many players vented their frustrations on ResetEra, after playing through the Tera Raid and receiving an item called “none.” Despite plenty of users ignoring issues like poor performance or graphical issues, this proved to be the final straw for some.

“This game feels cursed, lol,” said ClickyCal.

“Janky, borderline broken game. Nothing else to be said,” tiredly chimed in JDSpades.

“Full priced 60 dollar release from one of the most profitable IP in the world, folks,” etrain911 disappointingly pointed out.

Gamers who still want these Tera Raid rewards will be happy to know that these Pokémon Scarlet and Violet events are only delayed. We presume that these Tera Raids will be ready around the same time Pokémon Home support comes to these Switch titles. Both of these were supposed to be active this week but things proved to be too buggy.

It really is a shame to see these two games suffer from problems like this, as the base titles are totally fine. Sure, there are horrendous performance issues here and there, but the main story is pretty playable. Unfortunately, multiplayer is a huge component of these Pokémon games and these issues just can’t be ignored.

Despite all of these issues, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have sold an ungodly amount of copies, with most people not minding the issues plaguing these titles. Casual gamers probably just liked the idea of a new Pokémon game on Switch, especially since Sword and Shield sold really well on that assumption. Even Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl sold a good amount of copies, with most fans considering those titles mediocre.

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Bugs and issues aside, both Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are much better investments than playing Pokémon GO. Fans have been burned by that game numerous times, with the devs not seeming to care about their thoughts. This seems to be a common trend with the franchise.

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