PlayStation Portal restock should arrive just in time for Christmas

playstation portal restock christmas
Credit: PlayStation

The PlayStation Portal might be an incredibly ugly device for a fairly niche audience, but that niche audience sure loves this ugly device and wants more of it. Luckily, PS5 users who weren’t able to get a Portal the first time will soon get the chance, as restocks of the accessory seem to be coming soon.

According to a report from Tom’s Guide, Sony has hinted at the Portal’s restock, as their US Direct listing tells fans to wait till early December for more details. While restocks for other countries don’t have that kind of information yet, they could be soon to follow, given the demand for this product.

Still, the fact that Sony’s PlayStation Portal will be available in one of the most popular parts of the world means it should get restocked worldwide soon. PS5 owners can rest assured that they will soon have access to the ugly handheld that can only be used in their home with good Wi-Fi.

Even with a hideous appearance, the Portal managed to gain a ton of popularity early on, getting plenty of pre-orders in Japan. The Portal has also proven to be a hit in other countries, as this accessory was somehow able to outsell Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles in Spain.

Unfortunately, it’s not just excited PS5 owners getting the PlayStation Portal, as the product has also become a target of scalpers. Naturally, this isn’t the only product to be the target of scalpers and it won’t be the last, so the Portal should be available soon. PlayStation 5 owners are quite familiar with this, as most owners had a hard time getting this system during the pandemic.

Fans on the outside looking in have a hard time looking at the Portal’s appeal, including some of us here in Stealth, since it’s not an actual handheld device. Unlike the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, the Portal is just there to play installed PlayStation 5 games via streaming. At the least, it gives PS5 users a reason to play this on the couch…differently.

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It won’t be long before fans get their hands on the PlayStation Portal and the device should be readily available in a few months.

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