PlayStation Portal outsells Xbox Series consoles in Spain

playstation portal outsells xbox series spain
Credit: Playstation/Xbox

playstation portal outsells xbox series spain
Credit: Playstation/Xbox

As much as we like dunking on the PlayStation Portal, there’s no doubt that this device is something of a success, horrid appearance notwithstanding. It seems the PlayStation brand has done favors for this accessory, as it managed to sell Xbox Series consoles in Spain.

Spain’s GameReactor website reports that the Portal was able to 5,700 units from November 13 to 19. While that might not sound too impressive, this number is more than double of the Xbox Series consoles, which only sold around 2,000 units.

Considering how that covers both Series X and Series S, that’s a bit troublesome for Microsoft and a big win for the PlayStation Portal. There are a number of factors that led to this number, from the Xbox’s lack of worldwide popularity, or even the console’s lack of must-have exclusives.

Xbox did receive a nice boost this year when Starfield came out, as the Bethesda RPG was able to boost console sales. Unfortunately, despite still being great, the open-world title has arguably been overshadowed by games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Alan Wake 2.

Not helping is the fact that Xbox is arguably still no. 3 when compared to Sony and Nintendo. With the PS5 considered a must-have item for gamers and the popularity of handheld devices, it’s easy to see why the PlayStation Portal has taken off.

Technically, the Portal isn’t an actual handheld device, but a cloud device that can be used to stream installed PS5 games. On the surface, it’s a device most people wouldn’t want since they likely have a Nintendo Switch or a Steam Deck. However, those who already have a PS5 that might want to finish Final Fantasy 16 on their couch can easily do so with a Portal.

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Despite our jokes, Sony’s PlayStation Portal has already become a target for scalpers, showing how this device is in-demand. Hilariously, the device also has an airplane mode, which is a pretty bad feature for a device that needs internet to work.

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