PlayStation Portal is the latest target of scalpers for some reason

playstation portal scalpers
Credit: PlayStation

playstation portal scalpers
Credit: PlayStation

The PlayStation Portal is a pretty ugly-looking machine, but that hasn’t stopped scalpers from buying these in stock and selling them for higher prices. Unfortunately, this is the typical Modus Operandi for these folks, so buyers will either have to get lucky or end up buying from them in the future.

Video Gamer has reported that the new “PSP” is already running low on stocks fairly quickly, which means scalpers and their bots are likely behind this. Fans interested in the Portal better have their preferred retailer sites on the ready, as this item is selling out and becoming even more expensive.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation Portal is just the latest victim of a never-ending trend, as scalpers have been doing this for some time now. Sony users will remember how this happened with the PlayStation 5 and it’s still happening with the limited Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 edition. Fans were already going to spend a pretty penny on this product, but now they might have to spend more.

Considering how this is an ugly device that’s made for indoor use, we’re surprised at how much of a hot commodity this item already is. For those unaware, the Portal is a handheld that can only stream your PS5 games. Not only do you need a good internet connection, but the games have to already be downloaded on your console.

The PlayStation Portal is definitely a niche device, though Sony’s popularity does mean that fans want to play their games on a not-handheld. Sony was pretty honest about this not being like the PSP or PS Vita and Japan has already devoured this nasty beast.

Admittedly, games like Spider-Man 2 and God of War Ragnarok won’t be coming to Steam for a while, so this might be the next best thing for impatient PS5 owners. Depending on your internet, this might even play these games at 60fps really well, though some of us will take our chances with the 30fps Steam Deck ports.

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Fans can try to get a PlayStation Portal now, though its price has probably been hiked. Maybe wait for a bit, or just get a Steam Deck.

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