The OnexPlayer X1 AMD Does Everything a Steam Deck Does, Just Cooler

An image of the OnexPlayer X1 handheld in front of the Steam library
Credit: OnexPlayer

An image of the OnexPlayer X1 handheld in front of the Steam library
Credit: OnexPlayer

Considering the vast array of options in the PC gaming handheld market right now, it's no surprise that Valve's Steam Deck is dominating. However, several interesting candidates and gimmicks are available, offering users plenty of options, including this newly announced device.

If you're checking out the list of the best gaming handhelds and aren't excited about buying an ROG Ally with the upcoming ASUS ROG Ally X release, the OnexPlayer X1 might be a great option for you.

While the X1 isn't a new device, OnexPlayer (via VideoCardz) has announced a new AMD edition. For those unaware, the Steam Deck also uses an AMD chipset, alongside other devices like the Lenovo Legion Go and the aforementioned ASUS ROG Ally.

Similar to the original OnexPlayer X1, which was released in January, the device features a 10.95" 1080p screen capable of refresh rates of 120Hz. The only major difference appears to be the internal hardware, which swaps out the Intel Core Ultra 5 125H or Ultra 7 155H for an AMD Ryzen 7 8840U.

On paper, the Intel and AMD versions should be comparable, but considering the recent issues with the MSI Claw's performance, AMD is likely a better chipset for gaming out of the two. Both Intel and AMD versions of the OnexPlayer X1 feature unique gimmicks, including detachable controllers and a keyboard that makes it easy to use as a laptop-like device.

However, the cost of a 3-in-1 device is significant. While the price of the AMD version hasn't been announced yet, the Intel 155H version costs $1,099, which is certainly not as competitive as the Steam Deck OLED's pricing at $649 for the 1TB model.

Whether or not you decide to purchase the OnexPlayer X1 once the AMD version arrives, it's clearly a great time for those looking to buy a gaming handheld. That being said, if you're looking for a more console-like experience, you might want to opt for the Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch 2 when it releases.

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