A Lenovo Legion Go 2 model will release "when the time comes"

Lenovo Legion Go in front of a blurred press image
Credit: Lenovo

Lenovo Legion Go in front of a blurred press image
Credit: Lenovo


  • In a roundtable interview, Gaming Category Manager Clifford Chong confirmed that a Lenovo Legion Go 2 will arrive when the time comes.
  • This comes after plenty of rumours and chatter that ASUS, MSI, and Valve are all releasing second iterations of their respective handhelds
  • This could give Microsoft time to release a handheld version of the Windows OS, giving Lenovo a prime opportunity to get a second generation out

In the past few years, we've had plenty of handheld PCs arrive in an attempt to dethrone Steam Deck. While most fit within the same style as Valve's beloved handheld, the Lenovo Legion Go took a different approach, combining the specs of a Steam Deck-like device with the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controller design.

It can be a fairly difficult time finding and picking one of the best gaming handhelds right now, with such a variety to sort through. But Lenovo's somewhat unique approach has given it a distinct feature to help it stand out, even if the experience remains intact from other handheld PCs.

It's something we hope remains and is expanded upon in an eventual successor. Fortunately, it seems like a Lenovo Legion Go 2 could happen, despite the company still pouring resources into the current generation. In a roundtable interview at Lenovo Innovate 24, Gaming Category Manager Clifford Chong states that the company will look into developing a next-gen Legion Go "when the time comes".

This isn't too surprising, as it seems like the first iteration of the Legion Go was equally reactive to the market. Considering an ASUS ROG Ally 2 is in the works, as well as a next-gen Steam Deck and a potential MSI Claw 2, it's probably better for Lenovo that they can find a gap in the market, whether specs or otherwise, to perfect its upcoming handheld. Even an Xbox handheld is said to be in the works.

From the comments made in the interview, it doesn't seem like a Legion Go 2 is currently in the works. But, much like many products in the tech landscape, things can change fairly quickly. It could be that next week, Lenovo announces the Legion Go 2 is in development and will release in 2025/6, so who knows what will happen. However, we think a reactive approach is much better.

Our recent ASUS ROG Ally review praised the design and overall power of the machine, but had some concerns due to the Windows implementation on handhelds, something that most devices aside from the Steam Deck suffer with. Let's hope this gives Lenovo some time for Microsoft to develop a Windows built for handheld devices, giving them a great opportunity to release a new Legion Go with an improved OS.

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