Oculus Quest 2: 120hz display update could come in March

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The Oculus Quest 2 has seen immense success since its launch in 2020.

With a growing number of developers now supporting the VR headset, Facebook is continuing to release steady updates for the Quest 2, which Mark Zuckerberg described as being "on track to be the first mainstream virtual reality headset."

As we move further into 2021, more details are starting to release about the upcoming updates we can expect to come to the Quest 2 later this year, including 120Hz support.

120Hz refresh rate coming soon, according to roadmap

Based on the Quest roadmap released by Facebook (only available for those with developer accounts), the 120Hz refresh rate update is scheduled to release in March.

However, the roadmap also states the confidence in releasing this update in March as being 'Medium', suggesting it could be delayed to later in the year is necessary.

This comes after Facebook's Andrew Bosworth gave a 120Hz support a thumbs up in an Instagram Q&A that took place in February.

The roadmap also confirmed that this feature will first come to developers, before releasing as an Experimental feature for users.

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Oculus Quest 2 refresh rate

The Oculus Quest 2 currently has a refresh rate of 90Hz. When the VR headset first released, its refresh rate was 72Hz.

The 120Hz upgrade should give Quest 2 users smoother VR experiences, although there are some caveats. Given that many powerful consoles and PC's struggle to support a steady 120Hz, the Quest 2 may struggle at this refresh rate without downgrades in other areas, especially with its mobile chip.

Alongside this, 120Hz will likely need to draw a lot more power to run, meaning the battery life of the Quest 2 will be even shorter when running at 120Hz.

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