Oculus teams up with VirtuClear to release VR prescription lens inserts

Wearing glasses with the Oculus Quest 2 can be quite a hassle, and at times, pretty uncomfortable.

The Quest 2 glasses spacer does offer a solution to this, but if your frames are too big for the headset, you might be forced to accept a blurrier VR experience than otherwise.

However, Oculus' new partnership with VirtuClear may offer a solid alternative for those who wear glasses.

Lens Insert for Quest 2 revealed

As first reported by UploadVR, Oculus recently added a new accessory page for the VirtuClear lens inserts. These lenses are available for the Oculus Quest 2.

The prescription lenses are available from FramesDirect at a price of $80/£52.76, for prescriptions in the following ranges: SPH: 0 to -8.0, CYL: 0 to 2.0. Oculus Quest owners will need to provide a valid prescription from their doctor to order the lenses.

VirtuClear's lenses also feature anti-clear coating to ensure the best-looking VR experience possible.

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How to use glasses in Oculus Quest 2

If you don't want to order the lens inserts right now, the Oculus glasses spacer is a solid alternative.

To insert the glasses spaces, remove the foam facial interface from your VR headset and insert the glasses spacer in its place. You should then insert the facial interface on top of the glasses spacer.

It's also worth noting that some of the larger glasses' frames may not fit in the spacer, with Oculus users reporting that they have scratched their Quest even while using the spacer.

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