Nightdive Studios wants to remaster The Darkness

nightdive studios wants to remaster the darkness
Credit: Starbreeze Studios

nightdive studios wants to remaster the darkness
Credit: Starbreeze Studios

Nightdive Studios has been on a roll lately with its remastered shooters lately and the studio wants to make more. While Nighdive is working on a Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster, the company has shown interest in remastering The Darkness, an underrated 7th-generation shooter.

Stephen Kick, the CEO of Nightdive Studios, quote tweeted a fan asking for a remaster of The Darkness and said “It’s on the list.” Unsurprisingly, fans were excited to hear about the news since the shooter resonated with a lot of players back in the day.

Kick showing interest in this remaster has us hoping that we can see this game become readily available for most gamers. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that we’re immediately going to get this shooter remastered but Kick’s interest could get talks happening.

For those unaware, The Darkness is actually based on an Image Comics series that debuted in the ‘90s. While those comics are good in their own right, many gamers feel that the video game introduced us to Jackie Estacado in a classier way.

Stephen Kick wants to remaster The Darkness
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Credit: Stephen Kick (Twitter)

Oddly enough, while The Darkness isn’t readily available for purchase, its sequel is. Fans can actually get The Darkness 2 on Steam, even if its superior predecessor isn’t, for some reason. Hopefully, Nightdive can work their magic on this shooter soon since this 7th gen shooter deserves some love.

Previously, Nightdive Studios showed interest in remastering Unreal, the shooter that gave way to multiplayer titles like Unreal Tournament. After impressing fans with their remake of System Shock and their recent remaster of Quake 2, Epic Games should consider letting them remaster that classic.

It will be interesting to see if Nightdive does work on a remaster of this forgotten 7th-gen shooter. Right now, the company seems to have its hands full with the aforementioned Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster. The company also delayed the console port of the System Shock remake.

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At the time of writing, fans can only play The Darkness on PS3 and Xbox 360. The sequel can currently be purchased on Steam.

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