Star Wars: Dark Forces finally gets the remaster it deserves

Star Wars: Dark Forces finally gets the remaster it deserves

Star Wars: Dark Forces finally gets the remaster it deserves

Nightdive Studios is returning for another amazing remaster of a classic first-person shooter with Star Wars: Dark Forces. Bringing back the adventures of original Death Star plans thief Kyle Katarn, Nightdive’s remaster is the touch-up this classic deserves.

Revealed during Gamescom, Nightdive Studios showcased a massive remaster of Lucasarts’ seminal first-person shooter. Originally released in 1995, the game sees players fight the Empire’s secret Dark Trooper project.

Dark Forces was the game that kicked off Kyle Katarn’s adventures, which continued all the way up until Star Wars: Jedi Academy. While the stories are now non-canon, they are still as believed as they were almost 30 years ago.

Following its brilliant remake of System Shock and its just-as-awesome remaster of Quake 2, Nightdive is going all-out for this new Dark Forces remaster. Alongside enhanced graphics and controls, the remaster also features brand-new cutscenes while still retaining the feel of the original.

Star Wars: Dark Forces doesn’t currently have a known release date. However, the re-release is targeting all modern systems such as Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

While Dark Forces is no longer canon, classic Star Wars fans have been begging for the series’ Legends continuity to be revisited. Alongside Nightdive’s awesome-looking Dark Forces Remastered project, a full remake of BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic is in the works.

While the game is no longer being developed by Aspyr Media, the RPG remake is still being worked on. Recent reports have claimed that the PlayStation-exclusive RPG has been criticised by Sony for not being “cinematic” enough.

Official developers are not the only ones returning to the Star Wars Legends continuity. In fact, a team of fans recently released an amazing VR conversion of Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, bringing the game into virtual reality with full motion controls.

Despite a huge smattering of new Star Wars games, such as the fantastic Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, fans are still hyped to return to the classics. (And so are we.)

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