Tulpar’s new PC gaming handheld uses Intel power and offers a sleek design

New Tulpar PC gaming handheld showcased at IEM 2024
Credit: Intel

New Tulpar PC gaming handheld showcased at IEM 2024
Credit: Intel

IEM 2024 is currently over, but new surprises from the event are still popping up, including this exciting new Tulpar handheld PC that is Intel-powered and is one of the sleekest-looking handhelds right now.

It seems like the market for the best gaming handheld is growing with each passing year, whether it's the anticipated MSI Claw release date, or those of us waiting for the Nintendo Switch 2 reveal, but competition is certainly great - and Tulpar seems to be bringing something very interesting.

Tulpar, a UK-based company primarily known for its gaming notebooks and laptops, is taking a shot at the gaming handheld market with an upcoming and unnamed new device. Shared by IntelGaming on X, the handheld is seemingly using the shell of the Emdoor EM-GP080MTL, which has yet to be released too.

Of course, there are a few design differences, including the Tulpar logo, green buttons, and multicoloured ABXY buttons too. But the sleek design compared to the unreleased Emdoor handheld is unmistakable. In fact, while the Tulpar handheld's specs have yet to be unveiled, we imagine they're fairly similar to the EM-GP080MTL, which offers a Meteor Lake-H processor and DDR5X RAM. However, that's completely an assumption on our side.

Our favourite part of the teased handheld from Tulpar, however, is the UI, which you can get a glimpse of in the picture below. It looks to keep things fairly simple, which certainly makes it easier for console gamers to pick up. However, the product is likely in testing, and the UI or other features could change before it releases, if it ever does.

Tulpar's upcoming handheld gaming PC being used by an IEM 2024 attendee
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Credit: Intel

Considering that MSI is already planning future Claw iterations, Valve is planning a second Steam Deck, and the ASUS ROG Ally 2 is seemingly on the way, Tulpar's competitors seem to think that handheld PCs are selling well, so hopefully Tulpar can be another player in the market.

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