MSI Claw reveals its ace against Valve’s Steam Deck

msi claw has ace against steam deck
Credit: MSI

msi claw has ace against steam deck
Credit: MSI

The MSI Claw is another handheld PC that will attempt to contend with Valve’s Steam Deck because having more options is a good thing. Many of us are wondering how this handheld will differentiate itself from the Steam Deck and we now know how: a VRR display.

PCGamesN was able to confirm that the Claw will have a VRR display at launch, something that the Deck and Deck OLED are sorely lacking. While Valve’s consoles do have VRR, it’s only when the systems are docked on a TV or computer, limiting the options for handheld users.

Having this feature at launch will help the MSI Claw stand out at launch, though it’s not the only handheld PC with VRR. Asus’ ROG Ally has the option as well, which is why some gamers prefer that system over Valve’s handheld. The Steam Deck is still more well-known and more gamer-friendly, but its competition is heating up.

For those unfamiliar with a VRR display, this is a feature that lets the screen’s refresh rate match the game’s actual frame rate. With this display, players will have a smoother experience moving forward, reducing annoying aspects like screen tearing and stuttering.

It seems that the developers of this MSI Claw are confident in the handheld, as there are already plans to release newer models. Basing improvements on fan feedback is a pretty standard business practice, so we wouldn’t be surprised if improved Claw models end up coming out in the next few years.

Asus also announced that the ROG Ally 2 could be coming out this year, with a supposed focus on gaming. Granted, the first system is also focused on gaming, but we’re assuming that this will make playing games a bit easier than it is on the current Ally.

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No release date for the MSI Claw has been revealed, so fans will have to be patient before they buy another Steam Deck competitor.

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