Morrowind Architect mod adds Fallout 4 settlement building to retro Elder Scrolls

Fallout 4’s Preston Garvey reacting to open Morrowind settlement builder mod

Fallout 4’s Preston Garvey reacting to open Morrowind settlement builder mod

A new Elder Scrolls Morrowind mod brings Fallout 4’s controversial settlement building into Bethesda’s aging RPG. If you thought the Nerevarine’s brilliant journey was missing some base building, this mod is for you.

Created by modder ZackHasaCat, Ashlander Architect brings back the base building of Fallout 4 and Starfield into the world of Morrowind. Available to download for free from Nexus, the new mod allows you to transform the barren wilderness of Vvardenfell into a bustling new nation.

Only available for the Open Morrowind engine upgrade, Ashlander Architect uses the fan port’s advanced lua script functionality to create settlements. As long as you have Open Morrowind 0.49 installed, you’ll be able to create as many bases as you wish.

With the mod installed, you can open a Fallout 4-style menu with a press of the B button or the back button on a controller. From this menu, you can select pre-configured houses or pieces of architecture to build your new bases, towns or even cities.

The Ashlander Architect mod also lets you place Silt Striders and mark your settlements on the game map. This functionality means you can easily travel to all of your bases across the island of Vvardenfell, checking on your settlements over time.

ZackHasaCat’s Morrowind Settlement Builder mod also has two view modes for you to interact with. Yes, you can build in first person, just like Fallout 4. However, you can also zoom out into an RTS-style view to get more of a lay of the land, allowing you to easily place buildings, set dressing and more, a lá The Sims.

Additionally, settlers can be added to your bases to populate the town. You’ll have to spawn them in manually, and they will be clones of existing characters in the world, but it adds a unique sense of community to the desolate Ashlands. Gracefully, or sadly, there’s no Preston Garvey… yet.

ZackHasaCat has explained that there are more features to come in future updates for Morrowind’s Ashlander Architect mod. Alongside features like key rebinding, the modder wants to add automatic settlers to empty beds, a building cost, the ability for settlers to open shops, and buildable boats.

Even with the recent launch of Starfield and two sequels, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is still brilliantly supported by its fanbase. After 21 years, Bethesda’s iconic RPG is still immensely popular, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

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