Starfield UI issues are already infuriating gamers

starfield ui issues are already infuriating gamers
Credit: Bethesda

starfield ui issues are already infuriating gamers
Credit: Bethesda

Everyone is excited to get their hands on Starfield but that doesn’t mean the game is perfect. Despite not being out yet, fans are already annoyed with the RPG’s UI, which is simple in design but distracting when actual gameplay happens.

On the game’s subreddit, user parsajaghi12 complained about how annoying the game’s current UI is. Most of the criticism was aimed at the game’s XP bar, as it’s placed in the center of the screen after getting a kill. Not helping is that the XP bar lasts several seconds, which might block enemies from view.

Fans are hoping that the XP bar can be toggled on and off in Starfield, as previous gameplay videos didn’t show it. Just having that basic option would make fans happy since there are other ways to see how much XP is needed for leveling up.

The UI in Starfield annoys Reddit users.
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Credit: parsajaghi12 (Reddit)

If the option doesn’t present itself at launch, expert players might be able to mod that option. Todd Howard did say that this game would be a modder’s paradise like previous Bethesda titles. Since Todd is the only one who can talk about this game, fans hope he keeps his word.

Although most of the buzz surrounding this RPG is positive, criticisms like this help ground expectations. Gamers should also keep in mind that Bethesda has a less than stellar record when it comes to day one launches. Patient gamers may want to wait for a patch or two before picking this up.

Then again, Starfield has already proven to be a system seller to new and old fans alike. Not long after its gameplay showcase, fans started buying Xbox Series platforms just to play the game. Considering the company’s numerous failures and poor sales in recent years, this could be a major win for Microsoft.

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Starfield is coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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