Fallout 4 fan fixes Bethesda’s painfully long load times

fallout 4 fan fixes bethesda's painfully long load times

fallout 4 fan fixes bethesda's painfully long load times

Fallout 4 is still considered by many to be a great game, even with various bugs and issues that plague the virtual wasteland. While most Bethesda fans are used to bugs in their games, one fan took it upon themselves to finally get rid of the game’s long load times.

A modder going by Atonix35 has revealed their Long Loading Times Fix mod and it does exactly what it says. Suddenly, those agonizingly long loading times are barely there, with some screens only lasting three seconds.

It’s not just the black screens that have been fixed, as the modder has also made fast travel, well, faster. Going back to previously visited locations no longer takes as long. Even using the game’s various elevators is faster, making this an essential mod.

What makes this Fallout 4 mod more amusing is that there are now alternate loading screens to choose from. Players can choose if the loading screens remain black or will have a 3D model. Either way, gamers won’t be staring at them for too long. The mod can be downloaded here.

Before this mod came, fans withstood long loading screens and various bugs because they enjoyed this RPG. Even with all its flaws, many enjoyed the gunplay, writing, and amount of freedom players were given. Like many Bethesda RPGs, ignoring the main story to explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland was an ideal scenario for many.

Games like Fallout 4 are why many fans can’t wait to give Starfield a shot. Many players have called it Fallout in space for good reason, as the amount of freedom Bethesda games offer is unprecedented. The fact that Starfield is going to be less buggy than most Bethesda titles has many intrigued.

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Currently, fans can play Fallout 4 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Starfield will be coming out on Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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