Meta Quest 3 price cut arrives just before worldwide launch

meta quest 3 price cut
Credit: Meta

meta quest 3 price cut
Credit: Meta

The Meta Quest 3 is coming out soon but it looks like some countries are getting this new VR equipment for a bit cheaper. In the UK, adds for the tech have gone down from £499.99 to £479.99, making it slightly more affordable than usual.

Fans on the Oculus Quest subreddit posted about this price drop, with many theorizing that this might be the Quest 3’s final price. Gamers in Germany have also confirmed that the price has gone down to 549,99€ after originally being priced at €569,99.

At the time of writing, the official Meta website still lists the Quest 3 at $499.99 in the US, so American fans still have to cough up a bit more, at least for the 128GB model. Still, there’s always a chance that a good discount will come sooner or later, given how niche VR gaming still is.

Developers have been working on Quest 3 for quite a while now, with many working on free upgrades for those who purchased Quest 2 titles. Since not every game is going to have backwards compatibility, players will at least have a couple of titles to play at launch.

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Meta Quest 3 is expected to come out this Fall, with many predicting that the VR equipment will come out around October.

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