Meta Quest 3 devs prepare free Quest 2 game upgrades

Meta Quest 3 devs prepare free Quest 2 game upgrades

Meta Quest 3 devs prepare free Quest 2 game upgrades

VR gamers that upgrade to the new Meta Quest 3 headset will not only take their games with them, but will receive new, remastered versions for free.

Just like the upgrades from the original Quest headset to the Meta Quest 2, a number of VR game developers are planning free upgrades for Meta Quest 3 games. Similar to free PSVR 2 game upgrades, players will simply get access to an updated build with no hassle.

Via XRSource, two free Meta Quest 3 game upgrades have already been confirmed, including one of the hardware’s most popular titles — The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. Developer Skydance Interactive confirmed that a new version of the series’ first game is in the works, but not for its sequel Retribution.

“An enhanced version of Chapter 1 will be coming to Meta Quest 3, bringing the terrifying first journey into undead New Orleans to Meta’s next-generation headset,” Skydance confirmed.

Another one of the Quest platform’s most popular games will be getting a free Meta Quest 3 upgrade: Pavlov Shack. An insanely popular free multiplayer FPS game, Pavlov will see a brand-new version on the new Meta headset, but not a complete overhaul.

Instead of completely upgrading the game’s visuals, Pavlov Shack on Meta Quest 3 will improve the game’s framerate. Instead of running at its current 72Hz mode, Meta Quest 3 users will play at 90Hz.

More free VR game updates are bound to release for the new Meta headset. While unconfirmed, popular VR titles like Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Bonelab, Blade and Sorcery and more will undoubtedly take advantage of the hardware’s extra processing power. We also expect the best Sidequest games to take the most advantage of the machine.

With the Meta Quest 3 release date quickly approaching, more devs will be revealing their plans for the hardware. From free upgrades to brand-new games and ports, it’s an exciting time to be a Quest fan.

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