Meta Quest Pro killed just months before Quest 3’s release

Meta Quest Pro has been killed months before Quest 3’s release

Meta Quest Pro has been killed months before Quest 3’s release

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Meta is already reportedly axing its Meta Quest Pro mixed-reality headset following disappointing sales. The powerful VR/AR headset is already reaching discontinuation just nine months after its reveal.

In a report by The Information, Meta is allegedly no longer ordering components for the expensive VR headset. This is reportedly not a pause in manufacturing, but a cancellation of the product ahead of the Meta Quest 3 release date.

Launching at $1,499.99, the Meta Quest Pro was a cutting-edge mixed reality headset. Alongside improved VR tracking and a better display, the system’s high-resolution augmented reality tech was genuinely exciting, and far better than standalone AR glasses such as NReal Air.

However, Meta Quest Pro sales have been extraordinarily slim, leading Meta to cut its price numerous times. At the time of writing, the headset still costs $999, $500 less than its launch RRP. However, fans are still not biting.

Instead, Meta is pushing fans towards the new Meta Quest 3 headset, its next-generation casual device. A massive improvement over the Quest 2, the new VR headset will have augmented reality functionality as well, just as half the price at $500.

Furthermore, the internals in the Meta Quest 3 are more powerful than the Quest Pro. At this point, it’s clear that Meta knows fans are not interested in its expensive experiment, but many will be gunning for the Quest 3.

With the company still focusing on its failing, money-losing Metaverse, the launch of Quest 3 is expected to be a huge success for the company. While the headset is more expensive than its affordable predecessor, the all-in-one experience of the Quest has attracted many to the platform.

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