Marvel Zombies show will be the shortest MCU series yet…

Introduced in Marvel’s What If…?, Marvel Zombies is a new R-Rated show coming to the MCU. Due to its R-Rated nature, many expected the series to be sidelined in some way.

As it turns out, that may be somewhat true. In a move that seems like testing the waters, Marvel Studios has only given the series a four- episode run.

How many episodes of Marvel Zombies?

At New York Comic Con, Marvel Zombies executive producer Zeb Wells revealed that the new series will be short. While most MCU shows are between six and nine episodes — or 18 for Daredevil — the Zombies series will have less.

Wells confirmed that the TV show will have just four episodes when it launches on streaming. This is substantially less than every other Marvel show so far.

“I did not do [What If’s Zombie episode] but I'm doing the spin-off,” Wells said, via Comicbook. “So it's not out yet. But I love that episode too, so when I got the call that they were going to do a spin-off from that episode, I was like 'oh yeah, let's do it.' So it's four episodes, not sure when it comes yet, but it's looking really cool."

While the series does have the lowest episode count of any Marvel series, those episodes could be rather long. For example, nine episode shows like She-Hulk have short runtimes (25-30 minutes) whereas longer shows can rest around 40-50 minutes.

Then again, Marvel Zombies is an animated series. With animated shows typically being expensive to produce, this may restrict the series’ runtime, but that’s just speculation.

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Will there be a season 2?

The short episode count of Marvel Zombies may be underwhelming to fans. However, there is a chance that the show could return for a second or even third season in the future.

The Marvel Zombies comic run has returned numerous times since its original inception. There have even been spin-off runs following characters such as Daredevil surviving the apocalyptic landscape.

If the new show is successful, Marvel will likely greenlight a second season. With Disney Plus still a rabid success, the studio will be looking to add more content to the behemoth streaming service.

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