Marvel reportedly has 9 unannounced TV shows in development

Marvel Studios has already finished three of their initial run of TV shows on Disney Plus. Starting with WandaVision, the MCU's second TV attempt is going smoothly. Alongside a host of already announced unreleased shows, the studio is far from done with TV projects.

Marvel working on 9 unannounced shows

The MCU is a massive behemoth of cinema. While the content may not be to everyone's liking, the cinematic universe has been a colossal undertaking. As Phase 4 continues to kick off, furthering the stories of the comic book superheroes, fans are eager for even more content.

At the time of writing, the studio’s TV projects are already numerous. Three shows have already finished in this year alone. However, those shows are soon to be joined by What If...?, Hawkeye and Ms Marvel by the end of the year. Furthermore, the studio has already announced TV projects for She-Hulk, Moon Knight and Secret Invasion.

According to a report by Murphy’s Multiverse, the studio is already in the planning stages of nine more shows. As the current slate of content will likely be exhausted by halfway through next year, it's no surprise that new MCU projects are already being planned.

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Ghost Rider, Nova and more

The full list of the nine unannounced TV projects are not mentioned in the report. However, there are a couple of projects that are listed. Previously believed to be a full MCU movie after the release of Blade, a Ghost Rider show is listed as being thought about. As previous reports stated that Marvel was wary of a Ghost Rider movie, shifting the project to TV could make sense.

Two other TV shows are mentioned by name. Firstly, the report states that the studio is working on a potential Secret Warriors show. Lastly, a Nova TV show is named. Fans have been craving for Nova to be introduced to the MCU ever since the Nova Corps appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel writer Peter Cameron
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Image via Murphy’s Multiverse

Murphy's Multiverse does state that one of these shows is being created by writer Peter Cameron. The writer previously worked on Netflix's Carnival Row and a couple of WandaVision episodes. Cameron's background is in horror-fantasy; the writer could be a fantastic fit for the rumoured Ghost Rider show.

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